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First Order Expectations

Hooray! You placed your first order. Now what?

Assemble Your Dirty Laundry

This is the fun part. Get it out of your house and put your dirty laundry in bags for us to collect! You will not need to inventory your items. We do that for you once it arrives back at our facility. In the sections below, we will cover everything you need to know from separating laundry to what to do on pickup up day!

Separating Your Laundry

Separating colors is not necessary. We would however like you to separate clothing in different bags if you want more than one type of service (Ex: You have some items for dry cleaning and other items for standard wash, dry, & fold). If you are using our service for the first time, please place your bag with your first and last name attached to the outside of it for our driver to collect. Please include any specific cleaning instructions for the items such as Dry Clean, Wash & Fold, or Launder & Press. If you plan on using two different cleaning methods on your first order (Ex: You have some items for dry cleaning and other items for standard wash, dry, & fold.) please ensure that the items are in different bags and labeled with your preference.

Please refrain from sending your laundry with personal laundry bags, hampers, or on hangers. They may become damaged or misplaced during transport back and forth from our facility as they are not inventoried like clothing is.

Placing Your Order Outside on Pickup Day

We ask that you leave your items accessible for our driver by 8:00AM the morning of your scheduled service. Items can be left outside your door, with a concierge/attendant, or in a designated location you’ve shared with us. You will receive a text message when our driver is on the way! There is no need to be home for scheduled pick-ups.

When Do I Receive My Bags?

Upon delivery, you will receive our branded Ian’s Cleaners garment bag with your name on them depending on the service you used. Please use these bags for your future orders.

Turnaround Time

We operate on a fixed and consistent schedule. Depending on your address you will either be serviced on Monday/Thursday or on Tuesday/Friday. For those on our North Austin route, items collected on Tuesday will be delivered Friday and items collected Friday will be delivered on Tuesday. For those on our South Austin route, items collected on Monday will be delivered Thursday and items collected Thursday will be delivered on Monday.

Day of Delivery

You do not need to be home in order for us to deliver. In fact, most customers are not or they choose not to be disturbed. You will receive a text notification when our driver is on the way as well as when your order is delivered.If there is a designated place you would like us to leave it, please let us know by updating the instructions in your profile.

Future Orders

We have two different styles in which you can place your order. Our on-demand orders are designed to be one-time orders that are scheduled on a specific date. Alternatively, we have an option to be set up on a recurring basis where orders are automatically placed for you on a fixed schedule.

For example, if you are serviced on Mondays & Thursdays, an order can be automatically placed for a pick up every Monday with a Thursday return. You will receive a text notification reminder the evening before your order date where you have the ability to skip your upcoming scheduled order day. When you do this, we are notified you do not have a pickup, and your next pickup is automatically scheduled according to your schedule.

Note: If you have clothing ready to be delivered on a day where you skip your pickup, we will still drop off your clean clothing that were ready to be delivered. Your notification simply lets us know that there is nothing to pick up that day!

For any other questions you have please call us at 512-452-0928 or email