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Cleaning Services

Serving Austin locals since 2018.

You name it, we clean it! Take a look at our list of services available for pick-up and delivery.

Dry Cleaning

Your clothes are cleaned in a safe, organic solution that does not contain any water! Though we call it dry cleaning, your items are actually wet in a non-water solution crafted to clean delicate fabrics safely while removing oils and grease from the garment. Dry cleaning is a simple yet amazing process that is great for cleaning many varieties of clothing.

Wash & Fold

Toss your laundry in the bag and let us take care of it. This service includes washing, drying, and folding of your items. Great for everyday items (including socks and underwear), your clean items will be returned folded inside of a branded laundry bag. Items excluded from Wash, Dry, & Fold price include comforters, blankets, curtains, rugs, and other specialty items.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is using water, special detergent, and eco-friendly additives to clean garments in state-of-the-art washing machines. Temperature, spin speed, agitation, and velocity can all be adjusted to allow for the perfect cleaning cycle for your clothing.

Shirt & Blouse Laundry

Ideal for 100% cotton button-up shirts, this process uses a combination of water, detergent, and starch to effectively clean your shirts. You can choose between none, light, medium, or heavy starch. Shirts are then pressed wet on professional-grade equipment and returned on a hanger.

Press Only

Just need a touch up? We’ve got you covered. This option safely presses any items using a padded steam press that is safe for all fabrics. Press Only service is often used for items customers may have washed at home.


From holiday gatherings to baby showers, Ian cleans your linens in professional-grade solutions and gets them back to you ready for their next use! Depending on the material and stains present, our professional cleaners will either dry clean or wet clean your items.

Specialty Items

Comforters & Bedding

Keeping your bedding and household items clean is essential. Depending on the fabric and care label instructions, Ian’s will revive your items using the safest cleaning method possible. We recommend professionally cleaning household items regularly so you can rest easy!

Household Items

Curtains, Table Runners, Throw Blankets, and Tree Skirts are all great examples of common items we clean. To guarantee the safest method of cleaning, it is always best to ask the professionals how to best handle these items. The most used method for cleaning household items is dry cleaning.

Leather & Suede

Leave leather and suede items to the professionals. Dry cleaning them is not safe because the skins can dry out and crack. Instead, we have all leather and suede cleaned at an off-site facility with generations of experience.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Your big day is as important as it gets! Take the steps needed to protect your investment by using our gentle wedding dress cleaning or preservation service. Dresses are returned on a hanger or professionally boxed depending on your preference. We will clean your veil too!