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How Long Does It Take To Iron A Shirt?

You hate ironing. We hear it all of the time. The beauty of laundry service is that it allows you to never iron, and lets us do what we do best. If you use our laundry service,  shirt collars and cuffs are pressed while wet our top of the line equipment. This service is recommended for 100% cotton or cotton / polyester blended shirts. How does it work? While your shirt is wet, we place the cuffs and collars on the red padded area of our equipment, and then we press the green button. The machine closes and perfectly presses the cuffs and collars for nearly 30 seconds. Upon release, we transfer your shirt to our shirt press machine that focuses on the body and sleeves. The entire process just takes a few minutes on the equipment, and then your shirt is placed on a hanger and sent for quality inspection.  How long does it take you to iron a shirt?