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Stain Removal: A Deeper Look

A close up view of shirt fibers allows us to see how stains penetrate beyond the surface.

It’s true that stain removal is a science. Most of us grab a bottle of store bought stain removal spray or stick, and hopefully that does the trick. Often it can, but years of experience has taught us how to look deeper into the stain. Growing research now allows us to discover how the stain penetrates each type of fabric, and the best method to treat every stain and the fiber it rests on. Boring stuff? The bird’s eye view is what most people want. You know there is a stain, and you need it removed. It is our job at Ian’s Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery to provide that. Our spotting team learns, experiments, and treats the toughest stains. A few examples: Certain fabrics have to be treated inside out, cleaning solutions can be mixed, a variety of tools including brushes and plastic “bones” are used, heat/steam acceleration techniques, and several more. The challenge? Effectively removing the stain while preserving the color and integrity of the fabric. We’re up for the challenge though. Have a stain you need removed? Mark it in your order or let us know where/what it is. The more we know, the better the odds!